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 Australian Ferret Carer for the Victorian Ferret Society (VFS)

Adult Ferret (6+ Months - under 4 Years):

Desexed, Vaccinated and Microchipped - Male $280 Female $330

Kit Ferrets (14-15 weeks - 5 Months):

Socialised, microchipped and Vaccinated - $160

          *Desexing is an additional cost that the adopter will have to pay.

Kits are vaccinated at 10 and 14 weeks old. Kits must be around 14-15 weeks old before we can adopt them out. They should be at least 10 weeks before they leave their mother.

          *Gumtree breeders DO NOT vaccinate. 

Older Ferrets (4+ years):

Desexed, Vaccinated and Microchipped - $varied ea depending of individuals involved

Note: You may have to bring the selected ferret back for follow-up vaccinations, if not completed.

Click on the links below for information about available ferrets for adoption


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