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 Australian Ferret Carer for the Victorian Ferret Society (VFS)

Give a ferret a home! 


Adopt one now!​​​​

Adult Ferrets (6+ Months - under 3 Years):

Desexed, Vaccinated and Microchipped -


                          Males           $280 ea (Retail around $500-$550}

                          Females       $330 ea (Retail around $600-$800)

Some pairs may be discounted; usually due to age, etc

Retail, represents using a vet to vaccinate (2 doses), microchip and desex) on top of purchasing the ferret for $50.

Kit Ferrets (16 weeks - 6 Months):

Socialised Microchipped and Vaccinated - $160 ea

          *Desexing  is an additional cost that the adopter will have to pay.


Kits are vaccinated at 10 and 14 weeks old. Kits must be around 10+ weeks old before we can adopt them out. 

          *Gumtree breeders DO NOT vaccinate.or microchip

Older Ferrets (3+ years):

Desexed, Vaccinated and Microchipped - $varied ea depending on individuals involved

Note: You may have to bring the selected ferret back for follow-up vaccinations, if not completed.

Ferret Adoption Fees

Ferret Boarding

If you are going away and you need someone to look after your little fuzzies, we will happily look after them whilst you are away.

Single ferrets $20.00/day

Two ferrets - $25/day

3rd + ferret - $5/day/ferret.

Conditions do apply, please feel free to email me if you have any questions


Victorian Ferret Society (VFS)

Who are they?

The Victorian Ferret Society is a collectiong of people that are scattered around Victoria who pick up strays from the RSPCA and other animal shelters. They also pick up strays from the general public. They then look after these ferrets and make sure that they are well looked after until someone adopts them.  

Victorian Ferret Society Booklet

Victorian Ferret Society Membership

You can become a member of the VFS and help us rescue ferrets.

Click on the link below to download the membership form.


The Victorian Ferret Society assist in funding for the VFS Carers with desexing and other vet related costs. If you wish to help out, please donate via payal, it will be greatly appreciated.


We welcome all volunteers who wish to help. Volunteers will clean cages while interacting with the various ferret personalities we have.
We will make sure to let you know which ones not too handle if its necessary.

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